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Jewels in the garden - Raindrops on an Iris leaf
Everything in the garden looks 10 times as beautiful with water on it.


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A boy at our local pool, saving a toad that had fallen in


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Unfurling Canna leaf, Lewisville, TX


Date: June 3rd, 2008 | Comments : none | Categories: amphibians, Flowers, Garden, orange, Seasonal, Smile, Summer, Texas, USA.

Sun Star flower and little toad in the background.The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…The Good: A beautiful orange flowering plant called a Sun Star. All the little unexpected surprises, like this toad that I never would have seen if it had not popped out of the hole at the exact moment I happened to be looking there. The clay container with a hole in the center is designed to coil and contain garden hose, but being used as a plant pot. The Bad: having no choice about mowing the lawn on a 98*F day, and keeping edges formally trimmed because the neighbors have it that way. Also Bad: Fire ants that bite before you know you’re standing on a nest with bare feet……but Good: Fire ants keep the tough Texas soil aerated. The Ugly: me with ant-bite blisters, taking photos, mowing and edging the lawn on a 98*F day.


Toad popping out of a hole in a clay containerToad inside a clay garden-hose container


Date: June 1st, 2008 | Comments : none | Categories: amphibians, Garden, Seasonal, Summer, Texas, USA.

Garden toad, Lewisville, TX


Garden toad, Lewisville, TXGarden toad, Lewisville, TX



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