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North Dakota storm at sunrise


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Summer storm, South DakotaSummer storm, South Dakota


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Mount Rushmore, South DakotaMount Rushmore and Crazy Horse National Monument, South Dakota USA


Mount Rushmore, SD, WashingtonMount Rushmore, SD, RooseveltMount Rushmore, SD, Lincoln


Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse National Monument, South Dakota USA


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Canola fields, South Dakota


Date: June 16th, 2009 | Comments : none | Categories: Garden, Reptiles, Seasonal, Summer, Texas.

Salamander Egg, Lewisville, TexasGreat garden find! I knew this was a Salamander egg inside a warm, cozy half-buried clay pot because the parent scurried away just seconds before. I would not have disturbed it but was pulling weeds and tidying up that area of the garden. It was carefully put back inside, protected with leaves and grass clippings. If Salamanders are anything like Anoles, they lay eggs and do not return to care for them, so I don’t think handling will make a difference on whether it hatches or not.


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Giant River Otter at the  Dallas World AquariumThe Giant River Otters at the Dallas World Aquarium are rarely out, and when they are, there’s such a crowd gathered around it’s difficult to move forward or even try to get past them to go onto the next exhibit. I was lucky to take this photo from the third floor.


Date: June 6th, 2009 | Comments : none | Categories: Summer, Tennessee, Unusual Interest, USA.

Trucker relaxing with leg hanging out of the window going 75 mph on Hwy 40, TenesseeTruck driver relaxing with leg hanging out of the window going 75 mph on Hwy 40, Tenessee



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