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April Storms - Dallas, TX
April Storms – Dallas, TX


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Deflated balloons at a storage facility in Lewisville, TX

Aw, the Texas party’s almost over!

Well, we’ve loved living in Texas for the past nine and a half years, but Portland ain’t no slouch either, so it’s onward and upward we go! I’ll be taking the third and final trip across the country with truck and trailer full of belongings we’ll need in Oregon until we find a new house to move the rest of it out of storage into.

When you drive for days, the best attitude really is that ‘it’s about the journey more than the destination’. Good music and good speakers in your vehicle are an absolute must! Jewel is my favorite this year. I didn’t realize what a prolific artist she is, and I highly recommend any of her CDs. One well-written song, Intuition, was a top 40 hit a few years back. With windows rolled up and volume high, singing along to songs like No Good in Goodbye  make the reality of that phrase, in reference to leaving Texas, less of a concern. The Texas party’s almost over, but I’m looking forward to another road trip, exploring the west coast, and the excitement of the unknown.


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Fire Ants on the Crepe Myrtle tree, Lewisville TXFire Ants on the Crepe Myrtle tree, Lewisville TX. This photo does not represent life-sized fire ants, thankfully! I’m a bare-footer, so here in Texas I’ve adapted to getting stung at least once a day. These ants are everywhere in the south, year-round, and there is no eradicating them…you can only discourage them from growing colonies in certain areas; they just move from one location to another. It’s said that if you have fire ants in your yard you don’t get termites. I’d rather have the ants.


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Anole Season
Anole Season



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