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Burro, Lake Chapala beach, MexicoBurro, Lake Chapala beach, Mexico


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Everyday objects provide interesting subject matter Everyday objects provide interesting subject matter


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Sleeping kitty, Chapala, MexicoSleeping kitty, Chapala, Mexico


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Tractor, Concepcione De Buenos AiresHaving spent the last couple of weeks in Mexico, these photos and more will soon be added to the True Colors website, a photographic tribute to Mexico that I created during 2007, where each B/W photo is digitally superimposed with a colored, central portion.


Chapala, Mexico - municipal MarketHotel Real dining room, Ajijic, MexicoDying Philodendron leaf, Chapala, MexicoTree Fern shadows, Chapala


Bougainvillea, Chapala, MexicoKatydid on flax, ChapalaFlambouyant Tree in bloomKatrina, a popular Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead - holiday figure


…Heaven’s in our hearts…
Excerpt from “Heaven’s Here On Earth” by Tracy Chapman from her CD, “New Beginnings”:
Heaven’s here on earth
in our faith in humankind
in our respect for what is earthly
in our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding.
I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people leading ordinary lives,
filled with love compassion forgiveness and sacrifice.
Heaven’s in our hearts.


Passionfruit flower, Chapala


African Tulip Tree in bloom, Ajijic, MexicoPapaya flowerFreshly picked LimeCopa De Oros - Cup Of Gold, Ajijic


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Black pollenating orchids, Ajijic, MexicoBlack bee pollenating orchids, Ajijic, Mexico


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Redbuds, early March, Coppell TexasOne Sweet World

Excerpt of One Sweet World by Songwriter Dave Matthews

Nine planets around the sun,

the only one with something there

Upon this watered one

American Elm seeds, early March, Coppell Texas

so much we take for granted

If greens all turned to grey

would our hearts still bloody be?

…so let us sleep outside tonight;

lay down in our Mother’s arms

Flowering tree needs positive ID, possibly Senna...Ajijic, Mexicoand here we will rest safely.

(The Dave Matthews Band)


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Palo Verde in bloom, Chapala, Mexico


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Shavingbrush tree in bloom, Chapala, MexicoShavingbrush tree in bloom and Bougainvillea blooming in a variety of colors, Chapala, Mexico


Bougainvillea, Chapala, MexicoEvening rays and Bougainvillea, Chapala, Mexico


Bougainvillea, Chapala, Mexico


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Freshly painted red benches along Lake Chapala, improvements for tourism in San Crystobal de las Casas, MexicoFreshly painted red benches along Lake Chapala, improvements for tourism in San Crystobal de las Casas, Mexico


San Crystobal de las Casas, MexicoStorefront, Guadalajara, MexicoJacaranda tree in bloom, Ajijic, Mexico


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Egrets, Chapala, MexicoJacaranda trees blooming in landscapes outside Guadalajara and Chapala, Mexico


Chapala to Ajijic, MexicoJacaranda in landscape outside Guadalajara, MexicoCiclopista, bike sidewalk, Chapala, Mexico


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Cow wandering the streets of San Antonio, Mexico


Architecture, downtown Chapala, MexicoRandom containers with plants on window sills, San Crystobal, Mexico


Little boy, Ixtlahuacán de los MembrillosA little boy sits on the doorstep, putting on his shoe.



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